Product Insights

Product Insights empower online businesses to make high-confidence decisions in order to maximize their profitability. It’s designed for people who want accurate reports of key metrics in real-time, in order to identify what is really working and what isn’t.

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What are Product Insights?

Product insights are used by businesses to gain a deeper understanding of how their products and product categories perform in multiple eMarkets. Analyzing sales data allows companies to understand what their customers want to buy and where they want to buy it from. Accurate product insights improve the effectiveness of your online sales strategy, increase your sales and revenue.

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Product Insights vs Analytics

  • Product Analytics are performance metrics about products, product categories and eMarkets.
  • Product insights are analytics that come with suggestions, helping you amplify your eShop’s growth.

Product insights combine product analytics (sales per month, conversion rates, profit margins etc.) with your performance goals on the product or the product category level.

With Product Insights you access information about your sales per eMarket, your performance on each eMarket and you can identify recommended actions to maximize your profits and cut your costs.

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Product insights help personalize your marketing

Huge competition made segmentation a necessity. A targeted and personalized sales strategy helps to target the right customers with the right products, resulting in more sales and revenue.

That’s what product insights help you understand, why people buy certain products over others and what’s driving those preferences.

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Get the competitive advantage

By harnessing the power of  Product Insights, you can advertise your products more effectively than the competition. Identify which products and product categories are performing better on each eMarket. Plan your budget and cut costs you previously didn’t know existed. Get ahead of your competitors, invest more into your business interests and get the results you’ve always wanted!

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