Marketing Automation

Utilizing algorithms and technology that assist marketing efforts, EshopsWithIQ helps you manage your campaigns from a single place, including ads automation and social media marketing.

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Optimize your work

EshopsWithIQ helps you get more done in less time by standardizing processes, targeting specific audiences, unifying data, and capturing and analyzing sales metrics. When you create an EshopsWithIQ account, multiple automated processes are taking place in order to allow you to start advertising immediately. You can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend setting up and managing your campaigns while improving your results. When you reduce the amount of time you spend on repetitive, time-consuming tasks, you free yourself up to spend more time on other high-value work.

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Upscale your marketing campaigns

Improve your search, display and shopping ads, automatically generate multiple ads based on your product data feed. Set up Google and Facebook campaigns based on your products within seconds from a single place.

Combine static and dynamic data from your product feed, increasing your ad’s relevance and reduce your ad spending. Save tons of time on your everyday work, while advertising your products in an effectively and profitably!

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Improved business decisions

EshopsWithIQ pulls data from multiple sources and compiles them into our product insights report automatically. This feature offers a more complete view of your campaigns while assisting you to analyze your sales and performance more accurately.

The power of marketing automation is that all of that data is compiled into a report in seconds, allowing you to make informed business decisions, such as budget allocation and how your products are advertised.

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