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EshopsWithIQ generates optimized product feeds for Coolblue, which, according to their site:

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Coolblue is more than an e-commerce company. They build total solutions for our customers with our supporting infrastructure. They do this in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, online and in their 15 physical stores.

Their culture is their success. Started as a group of friends, still a group of friends. One of smart, enterprising professional idiots. It is important that everyone understands why we do things the way they do them. That everyone embraces their culture. And consistently promotes their values.

These are their brand values. They describe who they are and what they stand for.

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Coolblue has an online presence in: Belgium, Germany, Netherlands.

For further information, please visit https://www.coolblue.nl/


Start selling at Coolblue

Streamline the process of listing your products on Coolblue by using EshopsWithIQ. First you create your account at Coolblue. After completing the process, you will be asked to upload a product feed that follows their specifications.  

EshopsWithIQ allows you to create a product feed for Coolblue with a ready-made template with their specifications directly from the platform. Coolblue has a number of minimum required fields in their specifications, but with EshopsWithIQ you can provide Coolblue with additional information about your products, in order to optimize your performance and increase your sales. By providing those additional fields your products are going to perform better and become more relevant at Coolblue!

We keep all of our specifications up to date so that you may offer high-quality data with minimal effort. All you have to do is set up your feed, optimize it by adding more fields for better performance and everything else will be handled automatically by EshopsWithIQ.


Integrate your eShop with Coolblue

Create an intelligent feed within minutes and list your products now with EshopsWithIQ.

We have the know-how to setup your eCommerce feed in world’s leading comparison and shopping platforms. Select your eCommerce platform from the list below:

If you didn’t find your eCommerce platform, contact us to create a unique or custom plug in for your eShop.


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Behind the scenes our customer success experts are always one step ahead, in order to provide you with the tools, advise and solutions in every issue that may occur. We want our customers happy and our mission is for your eCommerce business to thrive by using our platform!

We offer not only a DIY solution, we are your partner for your eCommerce business.

We offer:

  • Ultimate marketing automation and optimization tool for your eCommerce business
  • Optimized feed for Coolblue
  • Proactive customer service

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