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How did Compare.nl actually come about?

In 1999 Compare.nl was the first in the Netherlands to start a product and price comparison site and we are still one of the largest in the Netherlands.

Compare.nl is part of the Dutch Compare Group, an independent and independent company. We manage several comparison sites under different brand names, also in Belgium and Finland.

What does Compare.nl do?

On our site you can compare more than 4 million products and read the opinions and advice of thousands of other consumers about products and stores. By giving you insight into the differences between products, prices and stores, we hope to make it easier for you to make a purchase decision.

In doing so, we like to maintain the independence of our services. This also means that we always sort price overviews by price and not by fees. On our site you can read more about the different ways in which Compare.nl earns money and can therefore continue to offer the service for consumers for free.

To give you even more control over your purchase, we are constantly inventing new services and functions that can contribute to this.

Why is Compare.nl doing this?
Because we know how hard it is to make a good purchase with hundreds of stores, thousands of prices and millions of products. That is why we want to help you with your purchase in everything we do. We are only satisfied if you are proud of your purchase. Not only on the product and the deal itself, but also on the purchase and after-sales process. We even want to go so far that, even if you do not use the services of Compare.nl, we want to do our very best to help you.

Who are the people behind Compare.nl?
We often hear: “Managing a website is not that difficult, is it?” Whether it is difficult, let's say, but it is a lot of work. Especially if you want to continuously improve and develop.

In total, therefore, about 20 people work behind the scenes at Compare.nl. Everyone has their own responsibilities that range from technically managing the servers on which the site runs to giving consumer advice. We are often looking to strengthen our team, so take a look at the overview of current vacancies.

What does Compare.nl mean to you, Ben?
I myself have been working at Compare.nl since 2000 and I still do that every day with great pleasure and passion. That is made very easy for me by all the passionate online professionals I work with. The internet never shuts down and neither do our websites, so I sometimes catch myself and my colleagues working day and night to improve our service. In this way we succeed a little more every day in bringing consumers, products and shops together within a safe online marketplace. Without exaggerating, I can say that working at Compare.nl is much more than just work and that I am proud of the service we offer consumers.

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Vergelijk has an online presence in: Belgium, Netherlands.

For further information, please visit https://www.vergelijk.nl/


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We keep all of our specifications up to date so that you may offer high-quality data with minimal effort. All you have to do is set up your feed, optimize it by adding more fields for better performance and everything else will be handled automatically by EshopsWithIQ.


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