The newest version of EshopsWithIQ is here!

We are so excited to release our new update (May 2021 Version) for our customers! We have added multiple new features in order to help your eCommerce business thrive by using our platform.
The list of new features includes:

  •  New User Interface (with dark theme option)
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Live Chat
  • Order Reports for All
  • Partners Program

So let’s start with the new user interface. We redesigned the whole UI with a modern, minimalistic style and also added the option for a dark theme!

We have added new marketing channels in order to give our customers more options in their online marketing strategy. You can now create your campaigns directly through the platform and continue to enjoy our marketing automation features for those new campaigns also!

In terms of supporting our customers, we added a new live chat service directly inside the platform. You can ask us anything and a representative will speak with you. And we don’t use chat bots, you will be talking with a real person that can answer any questions you may have!

On the reporting side, we have a new reporting system that shows our customers all their orders they received and which channel or channels (primary/secondary) helped facilitate the sale of your product for each order, in order for you to have a better picture of which channels really help your business!

And finally we have a new Agency Hub. The Agency Hub is an alternate version of EshopsWithIQ specifically designed to be a tool for digital agencies and freelance marketers who want to automate their workflow and take advantage of our platform and can manage multiple clients and businesses.

The newest version of EshopsWithIQ is here!