Google Shopping Ads Feed Optimization

With Google Shopping Ads taking over the world of eCommerce, it has become an essential channel to list products for every Eshop. But in order to get your shopping ads and your products at the top of the page, you have to optimize your feed in order to help Google’s Machine Learning algorithm and make your products more relevant to potential buyers.

Tips for feed optimization

By creating specific rules for your products, you can optimize your feed in order for Google to target potential buyers based on product data received for your feed and the keywords used by people searching for products you sell. EshopsWithIQ can create a tailored Google Shopping feed but you can optimize it further for better results on your campaign.

  • Improve your product titles
    You can improve you product titles by arranging the order with which your product details appear on the title. For better results you would prefer to list the products with the brand title, product type and attributes.
  • Better product images
    You have to use clear, high quality images making sure to follow Google’s guidelines for dimensions. You want to avoid watermarks and text on the image for better results.
  • Category Mapping
    Luckily your categories will be automatically assigned based on the data from your Eshop. In any case you have to pay attention on the mapping of your own categories to those assigned to your feed by EshopsWithIQ because it affects your product relevance. You want that mapping to be as accurate as possible and sometimes you need to map them manually for better results on your campaign.
  • Product Type
    It is a field that isn’t necessary to list your products on Google Shopping. Despite that you would want to further provide Google with relevant information about your product and by providing quality data you help Google organize your campaign into groups that win placement bids effectively

What are the benefits of an optimized Google Shopping Feed?

  1. For starters your products become more relevant based on having a complete and thorough feed. The more information your feed provides Google, the more likely your products are to be shown to the right customers.
  2. You get more sales and better conversion rates. By providing potential buyers with high quality information on your ads, you gain their confidence and trust and by doing that you are primed for better conversion rates, sales and improved ROI.
  3. Your ads will be targeted more often since they’ll be more closely matched to the search terms. That means that your Shopping Ads will boost your brand awareness for customers that will revisit your store in the future!
Google Shopping Ads Feed Optimization